Over $800 raised from the Popup Carwash benefiting the Nazareth Area Food Bank

Antonio Alessi organized and led a popup carwash fundraiser staffed by Nazareth Troop 76 members. It was a busy day from start to finish. Within minutes of opening, cars lined up to get a free wash, with donations gladly accepted.

Cars lined up for a wash.

A team of experienced carwash volunteers carefully hand washed vehicles and quickly serviced customers.

Cars getting washed by volunteers.

The event raised over $800 for Antonio Alessi’s Eagle Scout Project, with the proceeds being used to purchase event signage for the Nazareth Area Food Bank. The event wouldn’t have been possible with out the generous donation of time from Troop 76 and cash from the community.

Volunteers for the August 7, 2021 Popup Carwash at the Nazareth Area.