About Us

Our Vision

The two of biggest challenges for food banks is to have enough food for people in need and enough volunteers to assist in the donation, collection, and distribution process. Ultimately it takes the community to assist the community, which is where PopupFoodDrive.org can help.

PopUpFoodDrive.org was created to assist food banks with the challenges of volunteers and labor by providing a public website portal for members of the community to coordinate and run what we call a PopUp Food Drive. Through the portal anyone in the community can quickly popup a food drive event to collect food for a food bank. PopUpFoodDrive.org walks visitors on setting a date, selecting event type (because there are a lot of different ways to generate donations), learning tips, and getting the signage they need to make the event as successful as possible.

We're a purpose-driven organzation run by a group of passionate volunteers looking to make a difference in the world, one community at a time.

Our Status

The first step is getting the word out, which is happening right now as you read this. If you don't mind, we'd really appreciate it if you'd help and let others know what we're up to.

As you read this, the portal is being developed right now by a team of dedicated volunteers. Over the coming months functionality will be released to walk visitors through the entire food drive process and soon we'll be seeing food collection events popup all over the community.

Our Style & Logo

Like our very organization,  our style and logo have purpose as well. The PopupFoodDrive typeface is Poppins. Poppins had us at, well, Poppins. We fell in love with the clean typeface and the awesome name. Poppins. Popup. PopupFoodDrive. See what we mean?

We wanted a logo that simply and distinctively communicated the brand. We wanted a workmark, a type-based logo because it would be easy and cost-effective to reproduce for a variety of media. We wanted vibrant colors to communicate our wimsy, fun-loving nature and we wanted them to have meaning: clean refreshing blue water, enriching golden wheat, vibrant green vegetables, and the versatile purple eggplant — because, hey, eggplants are different like us.

Our goal was to create a unique, quickly identifiable logo that instantly conveyed our purpose. Overall we felt we hit the mark and we hope you like it as much as we do.