2021 Nazareth Tree Lighting Ceremony – Popup Food Drive

On Friday, December 10th, 2021 Antonio Alessi ran a popup food drive at the Nazareth tree Lighting Ceremony in Nazareth, PA. This is the first time a popup food drive was run at the event and the first time a speciality drive, in this case a Toiletry Drive, to collect tissues for the upcoming cold and flu season.

It was great opportunity for the Nazareth Area Food Bank to be visible in the community, for the community to give during this season of giving, and for everyone to learn about the mission of PopupFoodDrive.org.

.  .  

It was a festive event as everyone listened to Christmas music and waited for the tree lighting.

Many were in a giving mood, with the lit trees capping off the night.

Thanks to everyone that made the food drive a success for the food bank. Happy Holidays!

Nazareth Tree Lighting Ceremony