Antonio Alessi delivers the Popup Food Drive program to the Nazareth Area Food Bank Board

Antonio Alessi, BSA Eagle Scout Candidate and the founder of, met with the Nazareth Area Food Bank Board on December 28th, 2021 to deliver the completed Eagle Scout Project to the Nazareth Area Food Bank.

The delivery included 3 complete PopupFoodDrive kits, with each kit including:

  • 1 Feather Flag Sign
    (15-foot feather flag, full color, double-sided, ground stake)
  • 3 Yard Signs
    (24×18-inch yard sign, corrugated plastic, printed)
  • 1 A-Frame Sign
    (24×42-inch PVC plastic a-frame sign, vinyl lettering)
  • Event Posters
    (24×18-inch poster, printed)

The Flag Signs, Yard Signs, and A-Frame Signs are all reusable Event Signage. The Posters are for one-time use and includes fields for entering the Items Needed, Event Date, Event Location, and Event Operator.

The deliverables were inspected, including the three heavy-duty, weatherproof, 15-foot feather flag signs. The board was impressed with the quality of all the items, including the A-Frame signs handmade by Nazareth Troop 76 scouts.

Antonio walked through the delivery and setup with Jim Byrnes, Director of Operations for the Nazareth Area Food Bank. Jim shared that he was retiring and that this was his last official act as director. Antonio worked with Mr. Byrnes through Nazareth Troop 76 since 2016 and was proud to have completed and be able to deliver it to Mr. Byrnes before his retirement.

A deliverable of the project was the ability for an event operator to request a PopupFoodDrive kit through the Nazareth Area Food Bank website. The scheduling and reservation functionality was developed as a distinct website, with a link to it from the Nazareth Area Food Bank website. The PopupFoodDrive website, separately developed and managed by a team of volunteers, entered beta in August 2021 and officially launched in December 2021. production website screenshot

With the delivery of the website reservation functionality and the signage, the Antonio Alessi Eagle Scout Project for the Nazareth Area Food Bank was completed beyond the expectations of the food bank.