Getting People to PopupFoodDrive

As a food charity, you want to encourage people that visit your website to start or participate in a food drive. PopupFoodDrive is a free service for hunger relief organizations to start or participate in a PopupFoodDrive.

Once you associate your charity with PopupFoodDrive, simply add your PopUpFoodDrive webpage link to your website and relevant collateral marketing materials.

Ideally, add a new page to your website encouraging visitors to learn how to start or participate in a PopupFoodDrive — something like this...

PopupFoodDrive Logo

The PopupFoodDrive Program

The Food Bank can always use more food and more help. You can do both by either starting or participating in a PopupFoodDrive for the community. The Food Bank has PopupFoodDrive Kits available for reservation — everything you need to help make you successful:

  • PopupFoodDrive Planner that walks you through starting or participating in a scheduled PopupFoodDrive.
  • Signage including A-Frame Event Signs, Yard Signs directing people to the event, Flag Signs, and Event Posters.
  • Digital Marketing Materials for posting on social networks.

The PopupFoodDrive Kit makes it super-easy to help the community donate food or volenteer time.

All you need to add is you!

See the PopupFoodDrive Planner for the Food Bank to learn more.